Community Learning Projects
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During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Footscray City College

  • Helping The Homeless
    Our vision is to help the homeless and to raise awareness about homelessness issues

South Gippsland Secondary College

  • Gravel Pits Project!
    VISION: Our vision is to make our local bike tracks well known around the community, and for it to be used by locals and tourists alike. We want it to be easy to use and access by making brochures/maps as advertising.

Rosehill Secondary College

  • Raising funds for and awareness of Huntington’s Disease.
    VISION: Our vision is for people in our community to be aware of Huntington’s Disease and be involved fundraising money for research into the disease.

Orbost Secondary College

  • Men’s shed support.
    VISION: Our vision is to raise money for the men’s shed to help them get back on their feet.

Mount Alexander College

  • Rebuild, Remake, Reborn!
    VISION: Our vision is to shape our school into one that is aesthetically pleasing and one that everyone can be PROUD of!.

Castlemaine Secondary College

  • Improving our local park.
    VISION: We are planning on improving our park so the community has a better place to enjoy, which is welcome to everyone.

Maribyrnong Secondary College

  • “Marby” Secondary makes a difference ‘Kids helping kids’
    VISION: For a community where disadvantaged kids have a safe and fun way to get active.

Korumburra Secondary College

  • ‘Help a brutha in da Burra’
    To reintroduce volunteering in our community and make it a common occurrence and something to be proud of!
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During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Rosebud Secondary College

  • Water taps on foreshore: Need a Drink !?
    Our vision is that when we have finished their will be less litter from bottles along the beach. We will be able to walk along the foreshore and see people using the water taps we are proud to have put in. Finally we want tourists to respect our beaches!

Kaniva College

  • Adopt a seat: Adopt a Seat, Forget the Feet!
    VISION: We will have new seats at the showgrounds for everyone to use andthis will bring in more spectators to watch sport.

North Geelong Secondary College

  • Re-Rep2 !: Achieving what the others before us started!
    VISION: A well-presented locker-room that gives pride to our school's facilities. We hope to improve our schools change rooms, by painting and plastering the walls, adding doors to our toilets and fully functioning taps. This should improve our schools reputation, especially when we can be proud of holding sports activities at the school and the community can admire them as well as us.

Goroke P-12 College

  • Fixing the town cricket nets: Our cricket nets are old, our new ones will be gold !
    VISION: Our vision for our CLP is to repair the town cricket nets so that the community will be able to use them again.

Bentleigh Secondary College

  • To educate young children from Tucker Road and Coatesville Primary about sustainability: Change. Change your mind. Change your actions. Change the future.
    VISION: Our vision is to create a community where young people are more aware of their actions and how they affect the environment..

Hopetoun Secondary College

  • Hosting a FReeZa event: If your hot and bothered come and chill at our FReeZA!
    VISION: Our vision is to provide an opportunity for the youth of Hopetoun to broaden their social interactions. By this we will host a successful FReeZA event.

Birchip P-12 College

  • Improving our sporting grounds: Healthy facilities = healthy people = happy people!
    VISION: Our vision is for the sporting facilities to be refurbished so that people can be healthy and fit as well as enjoying the improved sporting grounds and use them more often.

Mentone Girls Secondary College

  • Volunteer at different community organisations: Liven up lives
    To have lasting relationships with the people in our community places and to have them looking lively and inviting.
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All school teams are selected to the School for Student Learning based on, amongst other things, a project related to their home communities.

Community Learning Projects (CLP) are chosen for their valuable contribution to the communities to which students belong. They address real and pertinent issues such as environmental concerns, social injustice, community safety, positive youth engagement and the like.

If youth are to be valued they must be participants of the society to which they belong. They need to be given active roles in making decisions and improving their communities. Community Learning Projects allow students to choose issues which they are passionate about and which the community values. They place students in an adult role and give them adult responsibilities and thereby assist in this transition from childhood to adulthood.

Community Learning Projects may be proposed by students or be an existing project. Students spend time in the first few weeks planning their project and doing any preliminary work to get these under way. The latter half of their time at Gnurad-Gundidj Campus is devoted more intensively to completing these.

Students are expected to have the planning and promotion of their project completed on leaving the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus but may not practically implement this project until they return to their communities. The implementation phase of their projects is often undertaken once they return and may involve the rest of their home school community or year level. Students are required to develop a comprehensive action plan prior to leaving Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

A major focus for projects is on the process and students are required to regularly reflect on this and plan to implement necessary changes.

Example Projects

Students and teachers can view past examples of CLP projects completed by school teams attending Schools for Student Leadership campuses at the following links:

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  • Reservoir District Secondary College
    - To work with and raise money for the women's refuge near Reservoir
    To see a community where women and children are safe and respected by everyone.
  • Bundoora Secondary College
    - The Pet Protectors
    VISION: Our vision is to see animals from our local community to be taken care of properly in better facilities.
  • Irymple Secondary College
    - Education Inspiration
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is for students to come to school positive and enthusiastic towards learning and for them to appreciate the amazing educational opportunities they are given.
  • Princes Hill Secondary College
    - To create a sanctuary at the new Royal Children's Hospital to enrich the community
    VISION: Our vision is to create an outdoor area in the hospital, which can be visited by the whole community, to brighten up their day. We hope the garden we will create will provide an enriching experience for sick children as well as the rest of the community involved in the hospital. We hope that spending time in our garden will be a nurturing and relaxing experience for them.
  • Werrimull P-12 School
    -Water awareness
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is to make primary school students aware of the dangers and hazards around water.
  • Diamond Valley College
    - Something old made new
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is to benefit the students and visiting community to show them the different ways how to make a more relaxed atmosphere and a unique area to interact in.
  • Echuca College
    - Our school is cool
    VISION: Our vision is to positively promote Echuca College to Primary School students throughout their transition to Secondary school.
  • William Ruthven Secondary College
    - Stop the pop and drop
    Our vision is for a community of schools where people (students, parents, teachers and parents) take substantial action against bullying and discrimination.
  • Elwood College
    - Raise Awareness of Youth Homelessness
    VISION: Educating the youth so they know the truth. Young teenagers will be taught to be aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Murrayville Community College
    - Promote Pinnaroo through an interesting information board
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is: Year 190 students will assist with transition of year 7's to Secondary School by teaching them skills such as SMARTER goals and POOCH.
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Braybrook Secondary College

  • The Three "Gardeneers"
    Our vision is to create a bright future for Braybrook Secondary College by becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Daylesford Secondary College

  • Make the local area more enjoyable for the youth in the Daylesford district.
    To have fund's to help support the local community with building at the skate park.

St Albans Secondary College

  • Don't Pound the Hounds!
    We will have raised not only money but awareness for the mistreated, unwanted and lost animals at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. We will also have volunteered work to help the animals at the hospital to have a better and more fulfilling life, because everybody deserves a good life. The money we will have raised will go towards improving the facilities at the hospital to ensure a more comfortable environment for the animals.

Birchip P-12 College

  • To Enhance the Quality of the Stadium and its facilities.
    To make sure the stadium features look good and are at the best quality that they can be.

Mt Clear Secondary College

  • Get out, get active, get social to give back to the world

Kaniva College

  • Family Fun Day
    That we will have held a family fun day at the Kaniva Pool that brought the community together and raised money for a charity.

Debney Park Secondary College

  • Healthy Lifestyles
    Our vision is to educate the community to eat healthy and to teach them about obesity and all its dangers and health risks that go with it. We hope that in the future people will realise how important healthy eating is and will make an active decision in their life to have a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow Secondary College

  • "Show us the money" : Donating to the playground.
    That money will have been raised and donated to the playground committee, the playground will have been furnished to be more user friendly.
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Mulluana College

  • Roots to the Past
    : To help older people get out of their homes and get active and be involved with the community and encourage them to come and build a vegetable patch/garden bed with them.

    : We are creating a stronger link between younger and older generations.

Emerald Secondary College

  • R.C.H Prototype Booklet - that is child friendly, which informs children about the hospital
    Rationale: How the idea of our project came about and why we chose it: a member of our team has had a lot of experience with the hospital and thought it would be a great idea if we took this opportunity to repay them and contribute our ideas and thoughts to the hospital

    Vision: to help kids understand more about the Royal Children’s Hospital, so they feel more comfortable about attending. We aim to do this by creating a prototype booklet of a child friendly standard.

Beechworth Secondary College

  • Culture for Kids
    Rationale: To have a day where we teach primary school students about other cultures. Which we would each have a country of expertise, and teach our group about the countries traditional dish, dress their flag and national animal. Then at the end of the day the groups would have a presentation about what they have learnt to their other peers.

    Vision: for a community where there is a better understanding of other cultures.

Mansfield Secondary College

  • Bollards of Mansfield History
    Rationale: To recognise Mansfield local heroes.

    Vision: for a community where there is a landmark showing visual art and history of our town.   

Scoresby Secondary College

  • Blame it on the Alcohol
    Rationale: Benefiting the year 7's to have a lot more knowledge about drugs, alcohol etc. in the future. We got this idea from seeing what we were passionate about and what fires us up.

    Vision: is for a community where the year sevens are prepared for high school life.

Wanganui Park Secondary College

  • People Choices
    Rationale: the Wanganui Park S.C. CLP team want to improve the equipment and facilities at our school because we, as students of Wanganui want our equipment and facilities to match the good reputation of our establishment.

    Vision: for a community where the students of Wanganui Park S.C. will take pride in the equipment and facilities in their school because of their freedom of choice in school improvements.

Blackburn High School

  • Junior Health Warriors
    Rationale: We believe that it is important for kids to start developing healthy habits early on in life to prevent future issues.

    Vision: for a community where local primary school students are educated about the importance of healthy minds, bodies and habits.

Mt Beauty Secondary College

  • WWF Awareness Night

    Rationale: We are doing this CLP because we want to help the WWF and make a difference

    Vision: for a shared community dinner that brings awareness to the plight endangered animals and to raise money for the WWF


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