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Digi Stories - Term 2 2010 Print E-mail

Each School team has created Video Digi stories to introduce their team members and to demonstrate the work they are doing on their Community Learning Project (CLP) in Term 2 2010.

A number of these videos are now online to view.

Photostories - Term 1, 2010 Print E-mail

Each School team has created Video Photostories to introduce their team members and to demonstrate the work they are doing on their Community Learning Project (CLP) in Term 1 2010.

A number of these videos are now online to view.

View Photostories from term 1 2010
CLP Projects - Term 1 2010 Print E-mail

Bright P-12 College
To make a healthy and creative program for Yrs 3 and 4 students at local primary schools to educate them and the community to eat healthily and make it fun and engaging at the same time.
Staff - Kylie Moroney

Debney Park SC
To raise awareness in the community about disabled youth in nursing homes and to empower these youth to live meaningful lives.
Staff - Phil Dennis

Mt Beauty SC
To create a more sustainable school environment. We wish to spread our school success to the community. We are trying to implement the use of recycling throughout the school by buying more recycle bins for the interior and exterior of the school, introducing rubbish free lunches, getting a compost bin for our school and handing out free brochures on what can and can’t be recycled.
Staff - Brett Easton

Hoppers Crossing SC
To bring skills gained from Gnurad Gundidj to teach peers back at Hoppers Crossing about their individual learning styles to aid in more efficient learning. Also, to educate our peers to learn how to better deal with problems faced by adolescents.
Staff - Jen Ripper

Rutherglen HS
To raise community awareness of Rutherglen’s gold mining history, and work with local organisations to celebrate the 150th year anniversary of the discovery of gold in our area.
Staff - Jordan Smith

Taylors Lakes SC
To provide opportunities for our community to share, celebrate and learn from other cultures. We will celebrate multiculturalism through a fete held at the school and write a recipe book with recipes from around the world.
Staff - Tina Reilly

Wangaratta HS
To raise awareness of the negative effects that mining minerals for mobile phone production has on gorilla’s in the Congo region. We will work with the Melbourne Zoo to collect and encourage people to recycle their mobile phones.
Staff - Dani Willis

View CLP Photostory Video

Williamstown HS
To unite our school community together through three aspects of team work: creative; tactical; physical. We will run a workshop for year seven students at our school to educate them on the importance of having one united community.
Staff - Mikel Dyer

CLP Projects - Term 4, 2009 Print E-mail

Mortlake College
The big picture is to design and build a BBQ area complete with built-in BBQ for our school. We are hoping that this will benefit our school and local community by creating a space and means for various fundraisers to be organised. It will also be a great place for school lunches at Mortlake College. To involve not just the school community we decided we will also hold fundraising events for the local clubs, e.g. The money from our open day will go to The Abbeyfield House (aged care home) as they are trying to raise money for building a new wing.

Fitzroy High School
We want to install a rain garden at our school so less storm water is going into Merri Creek. We also hope that some of these ideas are then utilised in peoples own homes.

Melbourne Girls College
– to break down barriers held between adolescents and parents. To build and create ties that bring families together. To achieve this goal we are preparing an evening seminar focussed on workshopping common trust issues between adolescent and parents.

Melbourne High School (Two CLP teams) –
- plan to help prepare Warburton Valley for the bushfire season by raising awareness and checking with the CFA and SES about what we can do to help. AS a backup plan we wish to help fundraise or prepare for the aftermath if a bushfire did indeed strike.
- We are going to explore the ideas of water health and lack of food under the main heading of World Poverty by creating an organisation that will ultimately attempt to galvanise communities to help themselves and other impoverished communities. We will raise awareness about poverty through a variety of forms of media.
From this point we hope to find sponsorship and backing for our organisation, and then raise awareness in more potent forms; by running trips and expeditions to educate world communities, starting with Australia.
Once we have made an impact, hopefully we will have created a movement and legacy that will be heard in as many corners of the globe as possible.

Warrnambool College
- To develop a bushfire awareness program. We will plan to give out show bags with details regarding bushfire awareness and to begin an information hub/website that can spread more up-to-date news regarding bushfires and have links to other sites for easy reference

Barwon South West Region
– our project will allow all of us to take something back to our schools. We will make a booklet about our journey here incorporating an indigenous mural that we will create at Gnurad Gundidj. The booklet will have tips for preparing for, and coping with, an extended stay away from home.

Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College
– we are going to write proposals to Vic Roads and the local council to change the speed limit around our multi campus school so that all day the speed limit is lower, hence, safer. We want to include better signage, lower speed limit and greater public awareness.

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