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Footscray City College

  • Comfort for Everyone
    To give the homeless a sense of care, comfort, hope and happiness, knowing they don’t have to sleep in the cold.

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

  • Go Solar
    To install solar panels throughout the school in order to become more environmentally friendly.

Keilor Downs College

  • Peace for Pets
    To create a better future for abandoned animals.

Williamstown High School

  • Trash 4 Cash
    To provide hospitals with funding for improving the wellbeing of patients

Phoenix P-12 Community College

  • Reaching Out
    To visit hospital patients who would appreciate company and cheering up.

Horsham College

  • Horsham’s Wide World of Sports
    To go around to local primary schools and teaching sports that aren’t usually taught in a casual PE class.

Ballarat SC

  • Lockers for Rockers
    To have a comfortable year ( lockers bay for all our belongings)

Goroke P-12 College

  • Bully Free Park
    The Apex Park will look better and will provide a better image for the Goroke community whilst informing them about bullying and cyberbullying.

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