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The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

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CLP Projects & Visions - Term 1 2016 Print E-mail

During Term 1 2016, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Echuca College The Great Wall Of Echuca

“Art from the heart”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we feel like Echuca needs more modern art to attract younger members of the community

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - We are planning to make a graffiti wall that represents what we like in Echuca.
How? - We will get permission the shire and then we will find graffiti artists to help us with our vision.
Who? - We will work with our school, graffiti artists and the Shire.
When? - We hope to finish this in term two sometime..

Wedderburn College Returning the year 12 room

"SIP : Study in peace"

“Why is this project important to us?”
In a couple of years we will all be in year 12 and want to be the best learners we can possibly be which includes the environment in which you learn. (every yr 12 class).

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - In Wedderburn we are planning to bring back some sort of year 12 room which allows them to work in a peaceful environment which allows them to be more successful and achieve higher.
How? - We will make sure that it’s alright with our school principal to carry through with the project and find a place for it to go.
Who? - Community, year 9’s and builders to put it up.
When? - ASAP (when we come back)

Wycheproof P-12 College Sharing is Caring

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because we want kids to learn from the elders and bring happiness to the elders.

Our Team's Vision and the Actions We Will Take:
What? - We are having a day at the hospital where kinder kids and prep kids come together to tell stories and bring happiness to all.
How? - Talk to the school and the hospital employees about the day.
Who? - School student, Elderly people.
When? - ASAP

Maribyrnong College Marby community day

“Community just do it”

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because it will help people who need it most.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - We will put up rosters form people to sign tom go out and do community activities
How? - When we get back to school we will put up rosters for people to sign up for the activities as well as talking to the teachers and managers of each organisation
Who? - School teachers and students and the managers of each organisation
When? - Before the end of term 2

Mt Alexander College The Outdoor Learning Project

“A bit of shade can make you brighter”

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because we wanted to productively occupy an unused space in our school.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - We are planting a native tree that provides a shaded area for a learning space where we will place tables and chairs to create a new classroom environment.
How? - We will gain permission from the school to plant the tree and we will raise money for the equipment.
Who? - The MAC student leaders and volunteers.
When? - We will endeavour to plant the trees in Term 2 of 2016.

Rushworth P-12 College Rushworth Tourist Information Website.

“One click shows you all.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
It is important to us because it will improve Rushworth and the surrounding towns.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - We are making a website for tourists to make Rushworth better known.
How? - We are getting information from each shop/business and creating a map and calendar.
Who? - We are working with; Michelle Baker from the bank, Mr Bovell the assistant principal from Rushworth P-12 college and a web designer.
When? - We are hoping to finish it by the end of Term 2.

Merbein Change the Channel

“We’re changing the channel, do ya dig it.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because where the channel used to be and the new pipes are there is a large amount of dirt creating an eye sore for the town and a large amount of dust

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? - Covering the dirt with plant life, paths and seats.
How? - Contact the council for permission then ask for help from Scouts and Landcare. Also do fundraising.
Who? - The school, Scouts, Council and any other community based organisations who are willing to help.
When? - Given the scale of ours. As soon as possible, as we have to fundraise, organise and get permission.

Williamstown High School Willi Whales

“Whales have feelings too.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we believe whales don’t deserve to die and if we can do anything to prevent this from happening, we will!

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
How? - We will fundraise and make a short film to create funds and awarness.
Who? - We will be working with the seashepard community and the staff and students at Williamstown high school
When? - We will start working on this first week back and our fundraiser will be at the end of term 2.

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