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It is recommended that Home School Liaison Teachers visit the following websites:

The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

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CLP Projects & Visions - Term 3 2014 Print E-mail

During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Melbourne Girls’ College Women’s Safety VISION:
To give young women a sense of security through information and physical techniques.

Everyone has the right to feel safe.

As a girls school, it is close to home and an issue that takes place locally, which motivated us to address this subject because it has the potential to change/save lives.

Werrimull P-12 Drive in movie theatre VISION:
Having a drive in movie theatre to raise money for the sports equipment for our school.

To bring the community together.

To create a unified community and inclusive environment.

Kerang Tech High Byron Reid: keeping him alive. VISION:
We want to see the community of Kerang flourish with mature, social youth that have been influenced by the gym or someone that has an affiliation with the gym.

Boxing for Byron

I want to do this as a CLP because of what Byron’s impact has been on the community and has continued to do since his passing and will hopefully keep on continuing.

Whittlesea S.C Teddy Bear picnic VISION:
We would like to hold a teddy bear picnic with games stories and food

Leading kids to a brighter tomorrow

We are doing this to help kinder kids to boost their confidence and their residence by playing games, listening to stories, eating food and many more fun activities.

Birchip P-12 Walking to Tchum VISION:
The community enjoying a safe a accessible walking track.

Put the fun back in the run to the Tchum.

I want a track that the whole community can use.

Tyrrell College Social (Wandarrah)

A gathering where kids from surrounding communities come together to have a good time, meet new people and make lifelong friends

Confidence can challenge friendships but also motivate success

To bring children from around the Mallee to one place where they can socialise

Edenhope College Responsibility at our school. VISION:
To help shape our school to get more independent responsibilities.

To learn responsibility for the future.

Gisborne Secondary College Celebrating Sexual Diversity

We hope to create a community where people are happy and proud to be who they are. We hope to achieve this by running a program with the year 8s in schools across our area in which we will host a range of activities and classes designed to educate students on sexual diversity.

Let’s talk about sexuality!

We are all passionate about this topic as we all have close friends who are of diverse sexuality, and we know how they are mistreated.

We aim to hold an underage live music event with guest speakers from various organisations that help young people with mental health issues and home issues.

Music by youth, for youth

Because there isn’t enough live music for people under age, and we want to raise awareness and funds for organisations that help young people with mental health issues and homelessness.

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