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It is recommended that Home School Liaison Teachers visit the following websites:

The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

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Mulluana College

  • Roots to the Past
    : To help older people get out of their homes and get active and be involved with the community and encourage them to come and build a vegetable patch/garden bed with them.

    : We are creating a stronger link between younger and older generations.

Emerald Secondary College

  • R.C.H Prototype Booklet - that is child friendly, which informs children about the hospital
    Rationale: How the idea of our project came about and why we chose it: a member of our team has had a lot of experience with the hospital and thought it would be a great idea if we took this opportunity to repay them and contribute our ideas and thoughts to the hospital

    Vision: to help kids understand more about the Royal Children’s Hospital, so they feel more comfortable about attending. We aim to do this by creating a prototype booklet of a child friendly standard.

Beechworth Secondary College

  • Culture for Kids
    Rationale: To have a day where we teach primary school students about other cultures. Which we would each have a country of expertise, and teach our group about the countries traditional dish, dress their flag and national animal. Then at the end of the day the groups would have a presentation about what they have learnt to their other peers.

    Vision: for a community where there is a better understanding of other cultures.

Mansfield Secondary College

  • Bollards of Mansfield History
    Rationale: To recognise Mansfield local heroes.

    Vision: for a community where there is a landmark showing visual art and history of our town.   

Scoresby Secondary College

  • Blame it on the Alcohol
    Rationale: Benefiting the year 7's to have a lot more knowledge about drugs, alcohol etc. in the future. We got this idea from seeing what we were passionate about and what fires us up.

    Vision: is for a community where the year sevens are prepared for high school life.

Wanganui Park Secondary College

  • People Choices
    Rationale: the Wanganui Park S.C. CLP team want to improve the equipment and facilities at our school because we, as students of Wanganui want our equipment and facilities to match the good reputation of our establishment.

    Vision: for a community where the students of Wanganui Park S.C. will take pride in the equipment and facilities in their school because of their freedom of choice in school improvements.

Blackburn High School

  • Junior Health Warriors
    Rationale: We believe that it is important for kids to start developing healthy habits early on in life to prevent future issues.

    Vision: for a community where local primary school students are educated about the importance of healthy minds, bodies and habits.

Mt Beauty Secondary College

  • WWF Awareness Night

    Rationale: We are doing this CLP because we want to help the WWF and make a difference

    Vision: for a shared community dinner that brings awareness to the plight endangered animals and to raise money for the WWF


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