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CLP Projects - Term 3 2011 Print E-mail

Braybrook Secondary College

  • The Three "Gardeneers"
    Our vision is to create a bright future for Braybrook Secondary College by becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Daylesford Secondary College

  • Make the local area more enjoyable for the youth in the Daylesford district.
    To have fund's to help support the local community with building at the skate park.

St Albans Secondary College

  • Don't Pound the Hounds!
    We will have raised not only money but awareness for the mistreated, unwanted and lost animals at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. We will also have volunteered work to help the animals at the hospital to have a better and more fulfilling life, because everybody deserves a good life. The money we will have raised will go towards improving the facilities at the hospital to ensure a more comfortable environment for the animals.

Birchip P-12 College

  • To Enhance the Quality of the Stadium and its facilities.
    To make sure the stadium features look good and are at the best quality that they can be.

Mt Clear Secondary College

  • Get out, get active, get social to give back to the world

Kaniva College

  • Family Fun Day
    That we will have held a family fun day at the Kaniva Pool that brought the community together and raised money for a charity.

Debney Park Secondary College

  • Healthy Lifestyles
    Our vision is to educate the community to eat healthy and to teach them about obesity and all its dangers and health risks that go with it. We hope that in the future people will realise how important healthy eating is and will make an active decision in their life to have a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow Secondary College

  • "Show us the money" : Donating to the playground.
    That money will have been raised and donated to the playground committee, the playground will have been furnished to be more user friendly.

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