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  • Reservoir District Secondary College
    - To work with and raise money for the women's refuge near Reservoir
    To see a community where women and children are safe and respected by everyone.
  • Bundoora Secondary College
    - The Pet Protectors
    VISION: Our vision is to see animals from our local community to be taken care of properly in better facilities.
  • Irymple Secondary College
    - Education Inspiration
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is for students to come to school positive and enthusiastic towards learning and for them to appreciate the amazing educational opportunities they are given.
  • Princes Hill Secondary College
    - To create a sanctuary at the new Royal Children's Hospital to enrich the community
    VISION: Our vision is to create an outdoor area in the hospital, which can be visited by the whole community, to brighten up their day. We hope the garden we will create will provide an enriching experience for sick children as well as the rest of the community involved in the hospital. We hope that spending time in our garden will be a nurturing and relaxing experience for them.
  • Werrimull P-12 School
    -Water awareness
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is to make primary school students aware of the dangers and hazards around water.
  • Diamond Valley College
    - Something old made new
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is to benefit the students and visiting community to show them the different ways how to make a more relaxed atmosphere and a unique area to interact in.
  • Echuca College
    - Our school is cool
    VISION: Our vision is to positively promote Echuca College to Primary School students throughout their transition to Secondary school.
  • William Ruthven Secondary College
    - Stop the pop and drop
    Our vision is for a community of schools where people (students, parents, teachers and parents) take substantial action against bullying and discrimination.
  • Elwood College
    - Raise Awareness of Youth Homelessness
    VISION: Educating the youth so they know the truth. Young teenagers will be taught to be aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Murrayville Community College
    - Promote Pinnaroo through an interesting information board
    VISION: The vision for our CLP is: Year 190 students will assist with transition of year 7's to Secondary School by teaching them skills such as SMARTER goals and POOCH.

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