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To all prospective students and parents,

Gnurad Gundidj is one of the best opportunities your child will ever receive, they are in a secure environment with dedicated teachers who allow them to personally develop into the best students they can be.

As far as home life goes, yes we do miss our child, but emails and the web site keep us in touch with what is happening. If ever there is any problem the school will contact you immediately (l know this from personal experience).

l am writing this on the fourth week my son has been away and I can't believe how fast the time has gone. The family visit weekend is of excitement to all, and is our time to show our child how much we miss him.

If anything, our child's time away only strengthens the bond between parent and child, also the interaction with other students from city and country schools is a great asset as there are kids from rural areas that are doing it tough; city kids are realising how lucky they are.

As for our own family we do miss our son but we also know he is going to return home a better well adjusted teenager because of his experience and the dedicated staff of Gnurad Gundidj.

Any parent considering this for their child in 2010, I would strongly suggest you do it, it is such a positive experience for any teenager.

Thanking You,
Term 3 Parent

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