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Jordan Smith Learning Specialist

My background is in Psychology and Outdoor Education. I have lived, travelled and worked in many places throughout Australia. I have a strong passion for Australian history, culture and environment and love sharing this in the classroom. I have been working in residential year nine leadership programs for the last 3 years and was fortunate enough to be a founding staff member at both the Snowy River Campus and Gnurad Gundidj.

The opportunities presented by living and learning in this setting are incredible, and I feel privileged to be a part of such a great educational revolution! I really enjoy working with adolescent students and find the interactions had in these unique settings are challenging, positive, productive and extremely unique.

Undoubtedly, my main recreational interest is surfing- this tends to dominate my life! I also love any other activity which involves exploring the natural environment, such as rock climbing, snow boarding, SCUBA, sea kayaking and hiking. When not off on some adventure, I love to relax by socialising, going to the movies, riding my bike, reading, going to the city and playing video games.

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