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Kylie Moroney

Expo Teacher

Kylie comes with a background of circus skills and musical theatre. With a degree in Performing Arts, she has spent 15 years working in theatre as a stage manager. During this time, she discovered a passion for outdoor adventure whilst trekking mountains in Nepal, which has lead Kylie to her role at the School for Student Leadership.

With mainly senior primary school experience behind her, Kylie is finding Year 9’s an exciting and positive challenge. She thoroughly supports the ideology of ‘Rites of Passage’ and the long service leave for students concept, especially after her own long service leave experience of a 3 month world trip.

Living sustainably is close to Kylie’s heart, she follows the philosophy of ‘take only photo’s, leave only footprints’. She believes we all need to live gently so that we may leave this world clean and healthy for the future leaders she has meet at Gnurad Gundidj.


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