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Phil Dennis

Expo Teacher

"Mr. Dennis looked back at us and grinned; we had done it. Expo 2 was both mentally and physically exhausting, but not once had he given up on us. He had made ourselves see what we are capable of, and pride shone on his face as we looked over the landscape. We completed the journey, but he was the one who made us believe that we could.

Passionate, determined and supportive; those three words perfectly sum up the type of teacher that Phil Dennis is. Phil is a fantastic role model for every student who passes through Gnurad-Gundidj, and he excels at demonstrating perseverance and integrity. He approaches teaching enthusiastically and with an open-mind, and he never fails to remind his students that learning is everywhere.

Phil is passionate about outdoor education and being active, and he loves sharing that with his students during activities such as surfing, hiking, bike riding and snorkeling. He welcomes challenges with open arms and strives to be his best in everyday life. Phil is also passionate about science and Australia’s history, which have both been major parts of his life.
‘True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders’"

Written by Molly Francis – SSL Student, Term 2 2017


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