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The Candle and its flame

The candle’s flame was small and the wind would blow against it vigorously and unrelentlessly. The flame blew from side to side as wave by wave of the cool air would clash against the warm fire. After relentless barrages of piercing winds the breeze finally died down and the flame was given a chance to grow. The flame stood tall, confident but most of all eager. The flame grew too big and the wax which had once made the foundations to support the flame started to melt, crumble then crack. The flame rapidly got out of control and it sought out any material, any object, anything that stood in its path and before anyone could realise the flame had become a deadly blaze. In a burst of adrenaline the fire fighters scurried to the blaze. When all the smoke, ash and embers were under control the fire-fighter lifted up the candle and sculpted the still wet wax into the shape of a stronger, smarter candle. It was left upon the candle whether it would dry in the newly formed shape. The fire-fighter then lit the candle and walked off.

Elijah, North Geelong Secondary College, Term 1 2011,

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