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Term 2, 2011



G-Rad Challenge Print E-mail
G-Rad Challenge
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2A Expo 1 Report Print E-mail
2A Expo 1 Report

On the 19th of May  we had to prepare ourselves for our first Expo by getting our gear packed and delegating roles to everybody but there was a catch…

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Photo Blogs, Term 2, 2011 Print E-mail
Term 2, 2011 Photo Blog
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1B Expo Departure Print E-mail
1A Expo Departure - Preparing
View the Images of 1B gearing up for Expo ...



1A Expo Departure Print E-mail
1A Expo Departure - Preparing
View the Images of 1A gearing up for Expo ...



Mt Elephant Rest Day Walk Print E-mail
Mt Elephant Rest Day Walk
View the Images from the Mt Elephant Rest Day Walk



Day 6 at Gnurad Print E-mail

As our students start to settle in, there have been a number of different classes designed to challenge them indifferent ways. On Tuesday, we had “Teams Day” where we split up the students into their expo groups (two schools) and ran a variety of teamwork challenges, both inside and out. As well as this the students have gone to Framlingham, a local Indigenous Community to learn about the traditional uses of our land; been introduced to the bikes; and learned a whole range of things about living in a small community environment. Over the coming days we will be doing some more teamwork challenges such as ‘Bridge Building” and “Expo Skills”, so look out for some more photos from them.

Cheers, Mikel Dyer.

Day 6 - Teams Day Activity...
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Day 2 - Students quickly settled in. Print E-mail

Students awoke to a glorious morning on Day 2 with a low misty fog on our eastern views from the dining room. Some students went for a run, others took photos, ate breakfast and then did some duties.

Day 2 - settling in...
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