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Term 4 2011

Term 4 - Half Way Through Print E-mail

Well Hi There!!

Our names are Tess and Astrid and we are from Echuca and Pinnaroo. We both got accepted in Gnurad Gundidj at the start of the year and we were so excited about coming here. We are already halfway through being here and the time has gone so fast. We are all having so much fun.

The school is awesome! The classes are completely different to normal school; they are fun, engaging and we focus on learning skills that will help us through life. While being here we have been doing so many interesting activities such as bike riding, surfing, canoeing, bridge building, hiking, swimming and expos. They have both been challenging and rewarding helping us build our leadership and teamwork skills.

The teachers here are no ordinary teachers; they are extremely passionate about the way they get the message across and they challenge us to make our own decisions and to take initiative. We don’t think of them as our teachers, they are more like our friends as we can talk to them about anything and just chill and have fun.

Living under the same roof with 44 individual personalities has been a challenge. We are with them 24/7 and now only half way in we think of them as family. We do absolutely everything together and face every challenge as a team.

We’re sure that this experience is going to be one to remember. We have made so many friends that we will never forget and the skills we have learnt will help us through life. We can’t wait for the next half of this amazing experience!

Tess and Astrid,  Term 4 2011

Term 4 - 1A Expo 1 Print E-mail
Term 4, 2011 1A Expo 1
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Term 4 - Canoeing in Hopkins River Print E-mail
Term 4, 2011 Canoeing

On the 23rd of October group 2A had canoeing on Hopkins River they starter out at the loading dock near Warrnambool Rowing Club and from there they all rowed down to the river mouth, at the blue hole. Once there they used up lots of spear time by either swimming in the sea or playing in the sand dunes rolling up and down them.

After it was lunch, sitting on and around the canoes they had a lovely lunch of sandwiches that they had made in the morning. Then it was back in the canoes paddling back up to Warrnambool Rowing Club to beach and repack the canoes back into the trailer and back home.

Ben P - Diamond Valley College

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Term 4 - 1A Surfride Print E-mail
Term 4, 2011 Surfride

The other day our expo team went for a surf down at Warrnambool beach, when we got there we met Jack and Chris who were our surf instructors. They fitted us up with a new set of skin that was too tight and we all looked goofy and then they gave us blue Rashies which made us all look the same, once we had grown to our new skin we went for a jog and a stretch as a warm up so we were ready to take those gnarly waves head on. 

We were taught how to get up on the board and we were off like rocket I couldn’t wait to get in and hang ten but instead I face planted with style. I eventually got the hang of it and it made the day awesome I can’t wait to do it again.

Jesse G-T Elwood College, Term 4 2011

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Term 4 - Panmure Rest Day Print E-mail
Term 4, 2011 Panmure Rest Day

Thanks to Winston W for organising the activity so that I was able to have an amazing day at Panmure waterhole. We got to swim in the hot weather and boy did we have a great time using the diving board and playing on the rocks and just trying to see how far down we could swim or at least see. A Really big thanks to Mr Dyer and Ms James for looking after us so that we can enjoy the waterhole. I hope I get another chance on another rest day.

Jesse G-T Elwood College, Term 4 2011

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