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Term 4 2012
One Word Says it All Print E-mail
A Message from 1A...
1A go on Expo 2 to Budj Bim - Photo Gallery Print E-mail
Team 1A on Expo 2
Expo 2 was a beauty ... Team 1B - Photo Gallery Print E-mail
Expo 2 was a beauty ... Team 1B
VIEW the IMAGE GALLERY of 1B on Expo 2
2A visits Budj Bim on Expo 2 Print E-mail
2A visits Budj Bim on Expo 2
View the images of 2A on Expo 2
Terang residents visit GG Print E-mail
Terang Visitors
View images of Terang visitors
Food for Thought - Term 4 Print E-mail
Food Thought
View the Food for Thought images
Gnurad Challenge Print E-mail
Gnurad Challenge
View the Gnurad Challenge images
Boot Camp - Part 2 Print E-mail
Boot Camp
View the boot camp images
Boot Camp Print E-mail
Boot Camp
View the boot camp photos
Canoeing on the Hopkins Print E-mail
Canoeing on the Hopkins
View the canoeing images
2B Bridge Building by Beck Print E-mail
Beck's Blog - 2B Bridge Building

We’ve all been really busy with so many different activities and things like preparing to go on expo next week and learning all about ourselves and the way that we learn and work together in teams.

On Friday we (2B) drove out to Panmure to a water hole where we had to work together as a group to build a bridge out to a rock somewhere near the middle. The materials we were given to build our bridge out of were a few logs of varying sizes and some rope to tie the structure together. Before we started to build the bridge our teacher swam out to the rock and put the esky filled with our lunch out there, so we had a very good reason to work together well and successfully build our bridge. Otherwise we would have to go hungry until we got back to the campus. The only rules were that the only things that could touch water were the logs and the rope, if we touched the water we would have to sit out for a few minutes. In the space of two and a half hours our team (which is made up of Rutherglen High and Kew High) had successfully made a really sturdy bridge that spanned about six meters and could hold the weight of all twelve kids. Along the way we encountered some problems like ropes being too short and one of our tripods that held the bridge up fell over, though we prevailed by working together as a tight team and cooperating and respecting each other’s opinions. We got to celebrate our victory by pigging out on the sandwiches that were in the esky and diving off the diving board that was there. We had a great time that day and learnt a lot about each other and our different strengths. So far we have all had such a great time and we are loving it! None of us here can believe that it is already our third week, it’s gone so fast!

By Beck, Rutherglen High School, Term 4 2012

All smiles even in the Rain for 2b on Expo 1 Print E-mail
2B out on Expo 1
2A out on Expo 1 on the Rail Trail Print E-mail
Images of 2A out on the Rail Trail on Expo 1
1B has an Awesome Expo 1! Print E-mail
Snapshots of 1b out on Expo 1
1A completes their Expo 1 Print E-mail
1A out on Expo 1
1B Students practice CPR Print E-mail
1B students practice CPR
View the CPR images
Students enjoy their rest day Print E-mail
Rest Day
View the images from the rest day
Clothing and Gear Fashion Parade Print E-mail
Clothing and Gear Fashion Parade
View the fashion parade images
A Sucessful Bridge Building Team -1A Print E-mail
1A - A Sucessful Bridge Building Team!
View the images of 1A Bridge Building
2A students complete Bridge Building Print E-mail
2A Bridge Building
View images of 2A Bridge Building
2B Teams Day Photos Print E-mail
2B Teams Day
View the images of 2B Teams Day
2A Teams Day student activities Print E-mail
2A Teams Day
View the images of 2A Teams Day
1B students working together - Teams Day Print E-mail
1B Teams Day
View the images of 1B Teams Day
1A students enjoy Teams Day Print E-mail
1A Teams Day
View the 1a teams day photos
Lake Keilambete - Rest Day Fun Print E-mail

Lake Keilambete, one of the Victorian crater lakes, is a maar lake 4 km north of Terang, 190 km west of Melbourne. At present the water is a circular body 1.8 km in diameter and an average depth of 11 m. Impermeable mud lines the flat lake bed. The salinity is twice that of seawater, and there are wave-cut notches up the crater walls that show the depths reached by the lake at various times. The layers of the bottom sediment can reveal the history of the lake.


Rest Day trip to Lake Keilambete
View the images of Lake Keilambete
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