Scoresby SC - Week 4 in Review Print

Scoresby Secondary College - Our Week in Review

Scoresby’s week in review:

  • This week we had our first surf lesson and we went mountain biking through Warrnambool. The mountain biking really allowed us to see Warrnambool from a different view and really test ourselves throughout the tracks.
  • On Monday we had our leadership conference where we learnt about the many different aspects of becoming a leader. How is leadership like a Helicopter?
  • On Saturday we prepared for our LLP (Local Learning Project) where we take in a small group of primary school kids and run a small class of our choice, the primary school we have this term is Terang Primary School.
  • Our quote this week -
    “Never be afraid to try something new, just remember, amateurs built the arc, professionals built the titanic.

Scoresby Secondary College - Week 4 Media Release

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