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Week 3 in Review - Mulluana College Print E-mail

Highlight for this week

Our highlights for this week would have to be expo 1 and canoe day. We really enjoyed this as we got to work together as a team, and we got to explore our local area. Expo 1 really pushed ourselves and we got to do things out of our comfort zones.

Most interesting class

Our most interesting class for this week was thinking and learning 3, as we learnt about how we best learn and our behavioural skills. This was interesting as we all learnt something new about ourselves.

What are we looking forward for the week

This week we are looking forward to photography, surfing, and first aid 2. We are looking forward to photography because we are interested in this topic and we enjoy taking photos. We are very excited for surfing as we are an enthusiastic bunch and are all very keen for a challenge. First aid is a chance for us to gain knowledge that we can apply in the future.


"Fall down 7 times, stand up 8"
This is relevant to our team as we try to live by this rule and we are committed to never give up. We motivate each other to not stop trying in the challenges we face during our experiences.

Mulluana College - Media Release Wk 3

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