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The Liaison teacher’s role is crucial in assisting students in their preparation for the School for Student Leadership program and maximizing the transfer of learning from the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus  to the home community. They have the responsibility of:

  • assisting students in their task of identifying and designing a community learning project
  • preparing them to attend the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus
  • supporting them during their time away
  • spending time with them at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus
  • assisting them in re-integration and the promotion and transfer of their experience

It is expected that Liaison staff be given a time allowance to fulfill these responsibilities.

It is also recommended that staff download and read the following document:

Download PDFHome School Liaison Information Booklet - Gnurad-Gundidj Campus


The following provides an outline of the areas that need to be considered by the Liaison School:

  • Preparation Phase
  • Support at The Gnurad-Gundidj Campus
  • Visit to The Gnurad-Gundidj Campus
  • Reintegration Phase

All Liaison teachers are required to complete and return a medical form prior to their visit to The Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

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