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During Term 3 2017, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

St Helena Secondary College Photos for our Future

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What?We will hold a photography exhibition –the theme is “Healthy Futures”.
How? We will hold the exhibition at our hall of photos taken by Year 9 students.
Who? We will work with our school, our Art teachers and year 9 students.
When? We will do this on the Wednesday after returning to school in Term 4. TBC

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we are passionate about art and the benefits of it to people’s health

KAE Fight to stop Racism Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We will design a piece of clothing that will represent our fight to stopping Racism in Australia
How? We will contact the Northern Football League to organise a match which both teams where the item of clothing
Who? The people that will involved will be the KAE. The Northern Football League
When? We hope to have this done by the end of this year.

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because Australia is such a multicultural country and we would like to bring awareness to stopping racism

Robinvale College "." Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? Going around the town and getting recipes from different cultures to create a multicultural recipe book
How?By going to local restaurants and getting recipes and then going to the local paper to ask for advice and help
Who? Cynthia, Vika, Jakaya and I will go to local people and places to talk to chefs and people who love to cook
When? Hopefully sometime later this year, the date is not official.

“Why is this project important to us?”
The reason why we chose to do this multicultural recipe book is to bring the community closer and learn different traditions.

Viewbank College Fete for the Unfortunate Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We are conducting a school fete to raise money for a charity yet to be confirmed
How? We will use our school campus for live music, advertisement, games and recreation stalls, entertainment and food stalls etc.
Who? The 7 of us attending Gnurad-Gundidj as well as Friends of Viewbank, local sport clubs, Social Justice group, Banyule Council, Banyule Youth and surrounding businesses
When? We will be conducting our project in term 1 of 2018. This leaves us time to plan and have it relatively perfect.

“Why is this project important to us?”
Our fete is an innovative idea that promotes community togetherness, as well as mental and physical wellbeing.

Mill Park Secondary College "." Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We will hold and fete/ fair at a primary school to raise money and donate to a charity. We will also try and find and social worker/psychologist to talk to our school and make them aware of the effects of mental health impacting them and their lives
How? We will hold the fete at the primary school or at our own school.
Who? (Still deciding)
When? A weekend in term 4.

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we want to help and educate those in our community, and show those in our community who have been affected by mental illness that we care about them.

Diamond Valley Secondary College Stars for Suicide Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We will be holding a sleepout/fundraiser to raise money and awareness for suicide, depression and mental disorders.
How? We will hold the event in the school and sleep on blankets/sleeping bags and pillows.
Who? We will work with the community, the school, Bunnings, Headspace, Bey and Blue, Kids helpline and a speaker.
When? We will do this in the summer of term 4.

“Why is this project important to us?”
We recently had a suicide related death at our school. It’s more common then people realise and people need to know about this.

Boort District School P-12 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We will educate our school community about the need to reduce waste, recycle correctly, develop and present a short information session to the junior classes and involve the whole school community in a “Nude Food” day.
How? We will provide information sessions about food wastage, recycling and how to reduce waste. Also by organising a “Nude Food” day.
Who? Our whole community will be involved in a “Nude Food” day and also conducting short sessions to the P-4 classes about waste awareness.
When? This will take place mid-way through the 4th Term of 2017.

“Why is this project important to us?”
This is important to our school community because of the ridiculous amount of waste and rubbish in and around our school impacting us by being banned from eating and taking food up to our school sports oval.

Merbein P-10 college Merbz Toy and Book Drive Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? To successfully hold a toy and book drive to donate to our local hospital.
How? Advertisement-posters/flyers around our school and local shops and school newsletters.
Who? We would seek help from the Mildura Base Hospital, Miss Williams, our SRC coordinator and SRC members, local stores, the Merbein newsagency (Gavin Sedgmen) us and our vice principal Mr Rhodes.
When? To hopefully be completed by the end of term 4 2017.

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because hospitals can be scary for young kids. So we’d like to donate toys and books to the children wards because it can make the children and siblings happier and enjoy their stay more. Toys can be expensive as well and old toys are just going to be thrown away. We’d also like to give the kids the same experiences and opportunities that we had.

Whittlesea Secondary College Equipment for kids Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We are going to hold a football dress up day to raise money for a school in need of sport equipment
How? By fundraising at our school and buying sport equipment for Wandong primary school and even going to the school and teaching the kids
Who? Wandong primary school and a possible sponsored by Amart/ Rebel
When? We hope to achieve this by the end of term 4

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we want kids to have the same privileges that everyone in our group has.

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