CLP Projects - Term 2 2012 Print

During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Footscray City College

  • Helping The Homeless
    Our vision is to help the homeless and to raise awareness about homelessness issues

South Gippsland Secondary College

  • Gravel Pits Project!
    VISION: Our vision is to make our local bike tracks well known around the community, and for it to be used by locals and tourists alike. We want it to be easy to use and access by making brochures/maps as advertising.

Rosehill Secondary College

  • Raising funds for and awareness of Huntington’s Disease.
    VISION: Our vision is for people in our community to be aware of Huntington’s Disease and be involved fundraising money for research into the disease.

Orbost Secondary College

  • Men’s shed support.
    VISION: Our vision is to raise money for the men’s shed to help them get back on their feet.

Mount Alexander College

  • Rebuild, Remake, Reborn!
    VISION: Our vision is to shape our school into one that is aesthetically pleasing and one that everyone can be PROUD of!.

Castlemaine Secondary College

  • Improving our local park.
    VISION: We are planning on improving our park so the community has a better place to enjoy, which is welcome to everyone.

Maribyrnong Secondary College

  • “Marby” Secondary makes a difference ‘Kids helping kids’
    VISION: For a community where disadvantaged kids have a safe and fun way to get active.

Korumburra Secondary College

  • ‘Help a brutha in da Burra’
    To reintroduce volunteering in our community and make it a common occurrence and something to be proud of!

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