CLP Projects - Term 4 2019 Print

During Term 4 2019, the following Community Learning Projects (CLPs) related to their school and home communities will be developed and then undertaken by each of the School Teams as part of the School for Leadership program at Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

Mt Alexander Mental Health Awareness Why?
Raise awareness for mental health and to keep the younger generation healthy and fit.
A day of rotating workshops, including sports, team building activities and mural painting.
Ararat Run for Hope Why?
We have personal connections with people and family in our community with mental disorders.

Our key event will be an organised fun run.
Maribyrnong MND Big Freeze Why?
To raise awareness and money for the MND foundation, as some of us have a personal connection with MND.

Big Freeze Slide, activities, food stalls, tournaments, casual clothes day, gold coin donations, potentially high profile sporting personalities in attendance, guest speakers.
Belmont Drug Awareness Why?
To make students aware of what drugs can do to younger people

Speaking at assembly and showing a clip/video
Mt Rowan Bootscoot Boogie Why?
Raising funds for drought relief

Dance (country music theme)
Goroke P-12 Community Fun Run Why?
To get the community together and support the local sporting clubs.

A fun run event with food and drinks raising money for the local sporting clubs, which will be used for painting courts, repairs, etc.
Hoppers Crossing Feeding the Homeless Why?
To raise awareness of the homeless shelters in our area and reduce food insecurity for the homeless.

Collecting canned food at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College and then donating to local homeless shelters.
KAE Indigenous Calendar Why?
To raise money and awareness of important indigenous events

Family Day to sell our calendars
Daylesford Little-lympics Why?
To boost social networks and build community

An event to connect the Year 7’s at an early stage of high school
Donald Living History Why?
To brighten peoples day; it gives something for the elderly to look forward to and helps build empathy in young people.

Going to the Goodwin Village to visit the elderly and interview them about their lives. Students will then create a poster that celebrates their life and then present the finished projects to the elderly.

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