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5th (and FINAL) Letter Home from Gnurad-Gundidj Campus - Term 2 - 21 June 2016

Here we are at the start of week 10, only a few days to go, and I think that students see that their time at the Gnurad Gundidj Campus is now definitely finite! Four sleeps they keep telling us. Mind you, many students are ready to leave. There are still many important tasks for us all to attend to, and I welcome the greater independence and personal drive I witness in our students, your sons and daughters. It is a delight to work with young people in our environment and see them “doing”! They just get on with the job now, for the most part, and set their goals and review their outcomes.

We describe the Gnurad Gundidj Campus experience as having three phases: Preparation, separation and reintegration. The final, reintegration phase for the community of Term 2, 2016 is just beginning. Make no mistake, the reintegration phase is the longest phase (it can go on for all our lives), and can be the most challenging. It may require some pre-planning on all your behalves, and I hope I can provide some ideas or thoughts to assist this phase. Your school holiday may be a real challenge and they may be the most fantastic you have ever had together.


Thank you for contributing to the 2nd term of the Gnurad Gundidj Campus for 2016.
The “Separation Phase” of the Gnurad Gundidj Campus Experience concludes for the community of Term 2, 2016 on Saturday, 25th June, signalling the beginning of the “Reintegration Phase”!
Please note: students will greet you at 10am (sharp). We will allow 30 minutes for families to laugh, cry, hug etc and we then invite you to witness a short presentation from students. We will be finished by 11.30.

If any other travel arrangements have been made, please advise us immediately because until you assume in writing responsibility of your son/daughter again, we are entrusted with their care.

With every good wish on behalf of the Gnurad Gundidj Campus Team

Mark Reeves and Michael Castersen

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