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Term 3, 2016 - Red Cliffs SC - Week in Review

  • This past week we went on expo and we all loved it! It was so such fun and we all got to learn a little more about each other. Even when it was raining, we were all smiling. We now feel like a better team and we know we can take on anything with the help of each other.
  • This most interesting class was Food for Thought. We were all in different classes and had to eat different meals; some of us had to eat rice from the ground. It was so much fun though and opened our eyes to what some people have to eat every day.
  • We are all excited for our CLP day each is coming up in a few days. We have been working very hard and we believe that we will present really well.
  • We believe the quote “united we stand, divided we fall” by Aesop really suits our tem this week. We believe this because during expo, when we all worked together we got a of things done; but when we didn’t work together, not a lot was done.

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