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Term 4 2014
1B and 2A exploring the beach Print E-mail

1B & 2A exploring the beach today with snorkeling, rock hopping and a game of touch footy.

Term 4 - Exploring the Beach

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Gender Days and Night Print E-mail

Gender Night involving spear throwing with Rob and basket weaving with Sandra and Melissa; girls' Gender Day zombie apocalypse and the Boys' Day Out.

Term 4 - Gender Day & Night

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Expo 2 Photogallery Print E-mail

Term 4 - Expo 2

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Scoresby SC - Week 4 in Review Print E-mail

Scoresby Secondary College - Our Week in Review

Scoresby’s week in review:

  • This week we had our first surf lesson and we went mountain biking through Warrnambool. The mountain biking really allowed us to see Warrnambool from a different view and really test ourselves throughout the tracks.
  • On Monday we had our leadership conference where we learnt about the many different aspects of becoming a leader. How is leadership like a Helicopter?
  • On Saturday we prepared for our LLP (Local Learning Project) where we take in a small group of primary school kids and run a small class of our choice, the primary school we have this term is Terang Primary School.
  • Our quote this week -
    “Never be afraid to try something new, just remember, amateurs built the arc, professionals built the titanic.

Scoresby Secondary College - Week 4 Media Release

Doncaster SC - Our Week in Review - Week 1 Print E-mail

Doncaster Secondary College - Our Week in Review - Wk 1

This week was our first official week at Gnurad Gundidj and it was amazing.

It was tricky at first to settle into our new community however we all had something in common, we are all great leaders.

Our Highlights of the past week:
Climbing Mt. Noorat, meeting new people, rest day (going to the beach), getting used to our new school, teams day and watching Alex stack during intro to bikes.

This has been a great first week and all of us students are excited for the great moments and memories yet to come.

Doncaster Secondary College - Week 1

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