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During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

Rosebud Secondary College

  • Water taps on foreshore: Need a Drink !?
    Our vision is that when we have finished their will be less litter from bottles along the beach. We will be able to walk along the foreshore and see people using the water taps we are proud to have put in. Finally we want tourists to respect our beaches!

Kaniva College

  • Adopt a seat: Adopt a Seat, Forget the Feet!
    VISION: We will have new seats at the showgrounds for everyone to use andthis will bring in more spectators to watch sport.

North Geelong Secondary College

  • Re-Rep2 !: Achieving what the others before us started!
    VISION: A well-presented locker-room that gives pride to our school's facilities. We hope to improve our schools change rooms, by painting and plastering the walls, adding doors to our toilets and fully functioning taps. This should improve our schools reputation, especially when we can be proud of holding sports activities at the school and the community can admire them as well as us.

Goroke P-12 College

  • Fixing the town cricket nets: Our cricket nets are old, our new ones will be gold !
    VISION: Our vision for our CLP is to repair the town cricket nets so that the community will be able to use them again.

Bentleigh Secondary College

  • To educate young children from Tucker Road and Coatesville Primary about sustainability: Change. Change your mind. Change your actions. Change the future.
    VISION: Our vision is to create a community where young people are more aware of their actions and how they affect the environment..

Hopetoun Secondary College

  • Hosting a FReeZa event: If your hot and bothered come and chill at our FReeZA!
    VISION: Our vision is to provide an opportunity for the youth of Hopetoun to broaden their social interactions. By this we will host a successful FReeZA event.

Birchip P-12 College

  • Improving our sporting grounds: Healthy facilities = healthy people = happy people!
    VISION: Our vision is for the sporting facilities to be refurbished so that people can be healthy and fit as well as enjoying the improved sporting grounds and use them more often.

Mentone Girls Secondary College

  • Volunteer at different community organisations: Liven up lives
    To have lasting relationships with the people in our community places and to have them looking lively and inviting.

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